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Download Uplay

Ubisoft one of the world’s most favorite video game developers have launched their gaming client know as UPlay. This client has that service focused on multiplayer, digital sharing, and communication for your games. It also includes rewards for achievements System.

Uplay provides its users an experience comparable to the achievements offered by other game firms.

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Features of Uplay

Uplay allows the user to play any Ubisoft game
Earn units and use them to redeem exclusive game contents.

Play more and more to Level-up
The user will earn XP’s for performing each action on Uplay

User will get The Club Badges to Collect
Badges will show your performance on Uplay

Challenge and Compete with Your Friends
A user can challenge friends to compete, smart and robust one will win

Download Uplay service is available on various platforms including PC, Mac, Facebook, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, iPhone, iPad.

The more a user uses Ubisoft Uplay, the more points user will earn which can be redeemed for various rewards like unlocked in-game content.

Each enabled game has several actions that can be achieved to earn Uplay points. You can use these points to unlock game-related rewards for any available game.


Uplay Free Games

Ubisoft is celebrating 2 most prominent anniversaries and giving Players around the world a chance to download “The Division” and “The Ghost Recon” so, from Begining of May, the user can be able to download these two games for free. The user will be able to play These Games through Uplay Free Games till their free trial ends, the users can play it whenever and wherever they like.

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